Big iPhone update on the way

There are some big changes coming to your iPhone this fall with the new iOS 13 operating system. Let’s check out what’s new! One thing that stands out is a new Dark Mode which some people find to be a lot easier on the eyes.


The iPhone camera offers up new controls including the ability to control lighting in Portrait Mode and a new black and white effect for portraits.


A new interface promises to make it easier to navigate your photos by year, month, and day. I laughed when I read Apple’s description of the feature as “a new curated view of your best moments.” Big companies are incapable of writing in plain language.


Also in the photos app is the ability to fine-tune filters to get just the look you’re after. Nearly every effect you can apply to a photo can also be used for your videos. That includes cropping, rotating, and auto-enhance.


You’ll now be able to sign into apps and websites using the new Sign in with Apple feature.


Apple is also fine-tuning privacy controls. You’ll have more control over locations and the ability to allow an app to only access a location once.

There’s a new voice for Siri, your phone’s digital assistant, that sounds more natural plus “she’s” got a few new skills.

If you enjoy using emoji, you’ll get a kick out of the highly customizable Memoji.


Smart Lists and a new toolbar make it easier than ever to use Reminders.


Expect your phone to get faster, too. Apple says you can see a 30% improvement in how long it takes to unlock and that apps will launch twice as fast.

You can click here to read a complete list of everything that’s new in iOS 13.

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