Science of Gardening

This site is filled with information about the Science of Gardening. When you arrive at the site you’ll discover  a very streamlined site that offers three choices for navigation. 

Feed – this section blossoms into four more sections, you’ll find Everybody Gets Lunch, Peter’s Savage Garden, Garden Variety, and the Dirt on Dirt.


If you mouse over these categories it will tell you whether it is a video section, an interactive section, or an article. The video and interactive content opens in a new window offering you even more navigation options to explore more content. I found the Savage Garden section fascinating. It discusses carnivorous plants. I had no idea there were so many varieties here in the United States. 


Control – this section offers an array of content. You’ll find Subzero Gardening, Garden Lore, Why Save Seeds?, A Truckload of Pumpkins, 3 Ways to Make a New Plant, and Cultivating Competition which are either photo essays or articles, with a video thrown into the mix for good measure.  I’ve always been curious about how people engineer new varieties of plants – like apple trees or roses – so I started with the  3 Ways to Make a  New Plant section.


Bloom – offers the Secrets of Lives of Flowers and Hello Dahlia which are interactive content, and a video Any Little Patch of Dirt.  This was a very cool interactive section. I really loved the Secret Lives of Flowers, seriously click on the Lily and check out those amazing close ups! 

This is an extremely cool site about gardening, go check it out for yourself today!


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