A reader wants the scoop on a recently introduced browser:

“I heard there is a new browser called Brave that actually pays the user for using their search engine creation. You are paid in cryptocurrency which is then convertible to $US if you wish. Is Brave inferior to Google, our main provider? Please review and comment.”


The Brave browser has only been around for three years and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android.  It strips that ads already placed on websites out and replaces it with ads of their choosing. I gotta say, as a person who both owns a website and pays for advertising on other websites, this kind of irks me.  If someone has paid for advertising to support a website, I kind of feel it’s only decent of you to at least allow it to be displayed if you enjoy the website. After all, it’s ad impressions and clicks that keep most websites going and if you like a site, it doesn’t hurt to show the advertisers a little bit of love.

Brave also takes out ad-trackers, so websites and advertisers won’t be able to tell who you are and follow you around the Internet, which is a very nice privacy feature. The browser keeps a running total of the ads that are blocked on your homepage.

Brave doesn’t pay you directly for using the browser. Brave uses what they call a Basic Attention Token.  You’re rewarded with these tokens based upon time spent viewing a web page.  Users can allocate  BATs among sites they enjoy the most.  It is hoped in the future that users may be able to trade BATs for things like premium content on websites. Brave has expressed hope that users may also be able to buy specific products at some point in the future.

Brave is based on Chromium (just like Google Chrome and Safari and the beta version of Edge). Though not as fully featured as Chrome or Firefox, it’s a fairly fast browser. And certainly worth a look if you have privacy concerns, though I think Firefox and Opera are also worthy alternatives. There’s certainly no harm in giving it a try to see what you think. Click here to check it out.  As with all browsers, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.