Help! Yahoo Mail is making it hard to send group emails

A reader has a big complaint about the new Yahoo mail:

“At last I run a group of men and women we at the moment are 360 members strong with new members joining now and again. In the classic version I could add the member to my contacts and add additional information such as insurance card details and which Folder I placed them into. I would construct an Email and on BCC add 3 of these folders letting me post out 90 Emails a time with an attachment (a map). At the moment I have 12 of these folders created under Yahoo Classic. The new system does not allow me to do what I have been used to for the last 20 years. I am struggling the next Email is due to go out Wednesday. This is needed not for work it’s a hobby group I run. I make no money out of what I do. Furthermore we have members who do not entertain Facebook so I rely on that.”

I have great news for you! All of those Yahoo Mail features are still available. In fact, I’ll run through them in this tip to show how it works. One caution is that Yahoo only supports Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. If you’re trying this with Internet Explorer you will not see all of the features.

Start by opening your Yahoo inbox and making sure you’re in the new inbox and not the basic inbox. If you’re in the basic inbox you’ll see a message suggesting you switch to the newest Yahoo Mail at top right corner.


The inbox will open.


First, let’s check out your contacts. Open them by clicking on the contacts icon at the upper-right.


Contacts will open.


To send emails to large groups of people easily, you’ll want to click on New List in the pane on the left. It’s very faint and kind of difficult to see until you actually click on it.


Type in what you wish to call the list and press enter. It will be added to your lists.


Go through your contacts and tick the box next to everyone you want to add to your new list. Click on Assign Contacts.


Tick the box next to your list and choose Done.


When you are ready to send, just compose a new message and click the Bcc line. Type in the name of your list and choose it from the drop-down menu.


As for adding additional information for your contacts, that’s also easy. Just select a contact and choose Edit details at the top. You’ll immediately see any lists the contact is assigned to.


You’ll be able to add any details you like to their contact.



You’ll have all the info you added and details about any lists the contact is assigned to.




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