Fountain Pen 101

Fountain Pen 101  is a lovely collection of videos from that Goulet Pen Company that walk you through everything you need to know about the basics of owning and using a fountain pen! You’ll find it covers the following topics:  Introduction to Fountain Pen 101, What is a Fountain Pen?, Terminology 1: Parts of a Fountain Pen, Terminology 2: Fountain Pens in Use, Storing Fountain Pens, Pen Cleaning & Maintenance, Filling Mechanisms, Ink Cartridges, Bottled Ink, Refilling an Ink Cartridge, Nib Sizes & Grinds,l Nib Materials, Dubious Ink Labels, Fast Pen Flushing, Sampling Ink, Part 1, Sampling Ink, Part 2, and Flying with Fountain Pens.

You can watch them from start to finish by starting with the Introduction video and it will automatically move onto the next topic in the playlist, or you can click the individual link to a specific topic.  I started with nibs, and then headed back to the beginning and watched them all the way through. 

You’ll learn about important things like cartridges and ink, how to select them and how to refill them. There are also important tips about storing pens and ink and a guide on learning how to write with a fountain pen. 

This is a fascinating look at a lost art that’s coming back into fashion.

Click here to check it out:


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