We’ve been learning all about the fast, private, and free Opera browser this week. Today, we’ll dive into Settings and look at how you can change the appearance of the browser and customize things like font size and desktop.

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Start by opening the Opera browser and opening Settings.  Open by clicking the Settings gear on the sidebar.


Or click the three-line menu icon at the top right.


Scroll down to the very bottom of the menu that opens and choose Browser settings.


Settings will open.  Scroll down to Wallpapers. 

You can choose to match the background of Opera to your desktop, select one of the Opera backgrounds, select a wallpaper saved on your computer, or click on Get more wallpapers to select one from the Opera store.


Scroll down to appearance to choose between the light and dark themes.


Here’s an example of what the dark theme looks like.


Slide Show bookmarks bar on or off to decide if you want shortcuts to frequently-used sites to appear just below your address bar.



Click the drop-down arrow next to Font size to adjust the size of type in the browser. Medium in the suggested size for the best display.


Your next option is to Customize fonts.


Move the slider bars to choose your default font size and also your tiniest font.  If small print is a problem, you’ll want to make sure to adjust this setting.


You can adjust the font for Opera menus and controls by clicking the drop-down arrows.


Be careful with the font selection. Some fonts that are fun to play with are poor choices for navigating a menu.


Click the arrow next to Page zoom to enlarge the page by up to 500%.


Here’s an example of the Settings page zoomed in 500%


Click on Quick Access and choose to turn on the Quick Access Pane. You can also enable a a Search box, and customize the items in the Quick Access Pane.


The Quick Access Pane will pop up when you click in the address bar.


Click on Sidebar to choose whether or not you want a Sidebar menu at the left of your browser and what kinds of shortcuts you want to see on it.


Here’s a look at the Sidebar.


We’re not quite done setting things up yet. We’ll finish up our look at customizing Opera tomorrow.