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A reader noticed that it’s no longer possible to customize content on his MyYahoo page.

“The “add content” info does not show up. That is the problem? or how can I fix it or can it be fixed?”

MyYahoo was a highly customizable landing page that allowed Yahoo users to create a page that displayed only the content they were interested in and was highly customizable in terms of backgrounds and colors. Unfortunately, over the years the features have gradually disappeared and you can no longer control the content. The MyYahoo page looks like kind of a mess these days.


You’re better off sticking with the main page at There are some options for picking your content, but nowhere near the control you had previously. Go to and scroll down to a news story.


Click the three-dot menu icon to the right of the story.


Choose Show less like this.


You can also hover over the right corner of an ad to see an x.


Click on it and you can choose to remove that particular ad by explaining why you don’t want to see it.


Click on your name at the top of the page and you can select Manage publishers from the drop-down menu.


You’ll see a list of publishers, you’ve chosen to see less from.


One other thing you can do to make content more relevant is to turn on Location History under Settings. This will target content based on your location.

Now if you click on some of the individual tabs like Sports or Finance you do have the option to customize.


You can link brokers to track portfolios or watch specific stocks.


You can click Edit at the top right of the Sports page to add or remove teams you’d like to follow.



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