Is it okay to install Open Office?

A reader has run into an issue downloading Open Office.

“It seems I’m unable to install Apache Open Office 4.1.6 Win.x86 install. Error message is: this isn’t an app from the MS store. In the app store it’s indicated that the program is ‘unofficial.’ Keeping in mind that it’s not a good idea to install apps of dubious origins, is it ok to download the unofficial version from the app store? I have an HP Pavilion, i7 core, 8th generation.”

You’re seeing that warning because you have your PC set up to prevent apps that aren’t  from the Windows Store from installing on your PC. This can keep unwanted malware from sneaking onto your device. But sometimes, you need to install an app from somewhere else. And that’s perfectly okay. In fact, with Open Office, I’d suggest getting it from their official site and not the unofficial version in the Windows Store.

Here’s how you can temporarily allow installations from outside of the Windows Store.

Type Apps and Features into your Search Box and click on the results.


Click the arrow next to the box under Choose where to get apps.


Select any of the available options except The Microsoft Store only. If you still prefer to get a warning, choose Anywhere, but warn me.  No matter what you select, you can always easily switch it back to The Microsoft Store only.


Once that setting is changed you should be able to install an app from anywhere you like. It’s not unsafe to install apps that don’t come from the Microsoft Store as long as you know they come from a legitimate source.

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