Earth Rangers

This is an excellent site that teaches kids about the environment through articles, games, and missions! To learn more, check out their About page. 

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find lots of featured content on the main page including Missions and a blog. At the top of the page, choose from the following categories: Protect Animals, Mission, Blog, Grownups, and Join.

Protect Animals – kids can choose to start a campaign or a fundraiser or host a birthday party to benefit an animal of their choice.

Missions – here they’ll find several environmental missions that they can take on, these challenges vary from protecting animals as described above to challenging their friends and family to a water taste test to completing five green challenges!

Blog – this is an awesome section that lets kids discover animals through blog posts, fact lists, videos, and more.

This is a great site for kids who are interested in the environment, or to get your kids more interested in the environment. Check it out today!


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