So I thought I’d make a regular feature explaining just what apps do. Today, we’ll start with 3D viewer. Alphabetically, it’s probably the first app on your list.

3D viewer.jpg

Opening it up, might not give you a good idea of what it does.

3D viewer-welcome.jpg

3D viewer allows you to view 3D objects and videos and also adjust them and create what are called mixed-reality projects. That’s some pretty sophisticated stuff. Let’s start by clicking the X and closing the welcome screen.


Here’s what the 3D workspace looks like.


Click on 3D Library to pick an object.


You can search for objects by names or click on the tabs and browse.


I chose this curious skeleton. Now let’s look at the fun I can have with him.

curious skeleton.jpg

Your first set of choices under Environment & Lighting is Themes. You can choose from nine different looks. The color and shading will change depending on your selection.

environment and lighting themes.jpg

Below that, you’ll find Lighting controls. Click on the Light Rotation control and drag it to change the position of the shadow.


You can adjust the color and intensity of three lights and the light for the whole environment.


Click on the Stats & shading tab, and you’ll be able to dive down into the object and see how it’s constructed.


If you aren’t familiar with 3D objects and how they are made, it’s pretty fascinating to see how it works.


Click the grids and views tab to adjust your point of view on the object.  Just click the arrows to start changing your perspective. It’s fun.


If your device has a camera, you can turn on Mixed reality and add these 3D objects to real photos and videos.


All-in-all a high-quality app for those who like working with 3D objects and a fun learning experience for those new to them.