Switch Zoo is a really fun site devoted to animal games, puzzles, and activities that educate and entertain kids. 

Everything you need to navigate the site is available from landing on the main page.  Across the top you’ll find buttons to Build a Biome, Switch Zoo, and Build an Online Habitat.

Build a Biome – I loved this section because I learned so much about what a biome is and the different types that span the world’s continents. Check all the types to begin the game, and then play to learn! You’ll build each type by selecting the correct plants, animals, and weather for that biome, and then you’ll learn even more about it!

Switch Zoo –  here I recommend starting with the guided tour, it will really help you and your kids figure out what to do! Basically you can create your own animal by mixing up the head, tail, and legs, onto the body of the animal you originally selected. It’s an interesting way to learn about animals. 

Build an Online  Habitat – here I would start with the Show Instructions option. Then your goal is to build the perfect habitat for five different animals by changing the weather, landscape, and ground cover to match the animals natural habitat! When you finish one animal’s habitat, click on the animal to start the next one. 

Beneath that you’ll find More Games, Apps, and Teacher Resources. Of the more games, I got really addicted to Sound Match – they play a song made of animal noises and you have to accurately guess what animals you’re hearing. I found it very challenging, but fun at the same time! 

This is a really cool way for kids to learn about animals, check it out today!