Windows Media Player: Part 2

Yesterday, we started learning the basics of Windows Media Player. If you missed that article, click here to check it out. 

Today, we’ll explore the basics of making a playlist and playing music. Creating a playlist is as simple as clicking on music to see your library. Click the Play tab at the top right.


You can then start dragging and dropping the songs or albums you want into the pane on the right.


Once you have picked your music, click on Save list and then give the list a name. Click out of the list to save the title.


To burn the list to a CD, click the Burn tab.


To copy the music from the list to an MP3 player that’s plugged into your PC,  click the Sync tab.


You can click on the Cast icon to play your music on compatible devices that are connected wirelessly to your PC.


Just highlight a song and hit enter to start the playlist.


Or use the play controls at the bottom of Windows Media Player. Play, FF, and Rewind are in the middle. Shuffle and repeat are to the left. Volume to the right.


To make your player small, click the little square of squares at the bottom of the playlist.


You’ll see a small version of the player that only displays the album art on your desktop. Or you can choose to minimize. To make it full-size again, click the square of squares at the top right of the player.


There are more things you can do with Media Player, but this is a good start to listening to music.



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