Windows Media Player: Part 1

My husband is not a fan of Groove Music, the player that was originally intended to be the default media player for Windows 10. Let’s face it, neither is Microsoft. After giving up plans for their own subscription music service, they’ve let the player languish and will now finally allow you to uninstall it.

I pointed out to him that Windows Media Player is still there and ready to use. Remember media player? If you’ve never used it or just forgot about it, let’s take a look at this old favorite for playing movies and videos. It even lets you view pictures.

Just type Windows Media Player into the search box and click on the results.

windows media player start menu.jpg

Media Player will open.


Click Music in the left pane and you should see all of the songs in your music library.  Media Player should automatically find them as long as they are in your music library. If you have files that are not in your music library. you might want to consider moving them there or at least putting copies there for convenience.


You can also view your Videos library.


And even Pictures.


You’ll find information like the album cover, name, length, genre, and rating.


And additional information like Contributing artist, composer, size, and parental rating.


Not all songs will have all of that information. You can sort by any of those criteria by clicking the top of the column.


Use the search field to find files. Click the drop-down arrow next to search to choose if you want to see items displayed with icons (usually album covers) or just as a list.



Tomorrow, in part 2 of this article, we’ll look at how to create a playlist and play music.




2 thoughts on “Windows Media Player: Part 1

  1. What do you dislike about Groove Music? I’ve used various music players but currently use Groove Music. I don’t do anything elaborate with a music player. Perhaps that why have no complaint with Groove Music.

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