This is a really fun puzzle game and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Game About Squares is a puzzle a game where you have to move the square through increasingly difficult puzzles to cover the circle that matches the color of the square. 

To play, notice the arrow on the square, when you click it the arrow points in the direction the square will move. You can use the buttons on the right side of the page to Undo (just a single move) or Reset (start the level over completely).

I’m currently stuck on level 15, but I’m sure that if I keep at it I’ll figure it out. I’ve been working my way through it, and it saves your progress so you can always come back later and try again.

If you click the i at the bottom of the page, you can learn all about the site and it’s creator. You can use the buttons along the left side of the page to share it over your favorite social network. 

Go enjoy this game today!