Add or change your birthday on Facebook

A reader is having an issue setting her Facebook birthday:

“I wonder if you can tell me what I am doing wrong. I was trying to add my birthday day to my FB page, I did the ABOUT thing but it still does not put it there. Any idea what I am doing or not doing?

The standard process for changing your FB birthday is as follows. Click on your name and picture at the top of your feed to go to your profile page.


Then select About.


Scroll down to your birthday.


Hover over it and the option to Edit your contact and basic information should appear. Click on it.


Scroll down to your birthday information under Basic Information. Hover to the right and the Edit option should pop up.


Change as needed. Don’t forget to hit Save.


If you don’t see all of these options or your changes aren’t taking, try clearing cache on your browser or using a different browser.

One thought on “Add or change your birthday on Facebook

  1. Hi, Cyn, Thanks for covering this topic.

    Previously, I followed these steps with the anticipation of taking my birth year out of FB. I finally changed the year to something irrelevant and locked both date/month and year. The message displayed is : Note: This is the last time you will be able to change your birthday. Because of previous selections, I now cannot allow friends to see my birthday month and date. I locked both before I realized what the outcome would be.

    COuld you shed light on why FB doesn’t allow me to change my info?

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