A reader wanted to share a tip about a scammer than recently targeted him:

“News Flash!!!!! There is a new scam that is so good I almost fell for it. I got a call from a telemarketer who was very convincing about being able to help me lower the high interest on My credit cards. I asked one question before giving any details. I asked how do I know if this is a scam? he hung up!! Beware as this is a sneaky one.”

Good for you for being smart enough to ask the right questions. This scam is really prevalent these days. I think I get five calls a week and I haven’t had a credit card for about 13 years.

A couple of things to consider here is that your actual credit card company wouldn’t need to know your information.  And a new credit card company wouldn’t need the information for your current account.  Be highly suspicious of any offer made over the phone.

Another scam I’ve heard a lot is they call pretending to need to talk to you about your mortgage. Sometimes they even get the bank right.

If anyone claims to be from your bank, tell them you’ll call the bank back by looking up their number and ask for them. Don’t use the number they give you. Find that information all on your own. A legitimate person isn’t going to give you a hard time about that.