Use Gmail Smart Compose

There’s a feature of Gmail that can make writing emails a little bit faster and easier. It’s only available when you’re accessing your Gmail inbox online with a browser.

Let’s check out how it works. Start by going to your Gmail inbox and composing a new message.  You may see this box pop us, suggesting you use Smart Compose. If you’re not interested, you can click Turn off. Clicking Got It will make the blue box go away.


Just start typing your email. When you type certain words or phrases (in this example, ‘I hope to hear’) you’ll get suggestions to finish the thought, much like autocomplete on a phone keyboard.

I hope to hear.jpghear-from-soon.jpg

You’ll notice that the type is just a bit lighter on the ‘from you soon.’


To add that text to the sentence, hit the Tab key. Just keep typing if you want to ignore it and finish with your own words.


This can speed up typing quick replies quite a bit.


Let’s take a look at how to turn it off and on and how you can teach this feature to recognize your most-used words. Start by clicking the gear symbol at the top right of your inbox and selecting Settings from the drop-down menu.


Choose General.


Scroll down to Smart Compose. Here you can choose whether or not Smart Compose is personalized to follow your writing style and make suggestions on your most common word choices. That does mean that the AI behind Smart Compose scans your emails for commonly used phrases and stores them in order to suggest them in your email. Or you can turn it off and suggestions will be made based on the most commonly used words and phrases in general. If you’d prefer not to have Gmail make suggestions, just choose Writing suggestions off.




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