Protect your Facebook from being hijacked

A recent incident made me think that it might be a good idea to go over ways to protect your Facebook account from being hijacked.

Let’s start by logging onto your Facebook page and clicking the arrow at the top right. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.


Choose Security and Login.


Let’s look at your options for securing your account.  At the top of Security and Login, your first choice is to get alerts about unrecognized logins. That means if someone tries to access your Facebook account from a new phone, computer, or tablet, you’ll receive an alert. Click the Edit button at the far right.


You can choose to receive alerts on Facebook, via Messenger, at an email address or via a text or phone call to your phone. I’d suggest having them sent everywhere you can, just to make sure you see it. You can also add multiple email addresses or phone numbers just to be sure.


Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication. If you enable it, anytime anyone attempts to log into your account from an unusual device, they’ll have to enter a code.


Click the Edit button next to Use two-factor authentication.


You’ll be taken to the Two-factor Authentication Page where you can set up to require a code via text message or an authenticator app whenever anyone tries to log in from a new device.


Choose a method and click Next. Then follow the directions provided.


Facebook will text you a code.


You can also add additional security backups for when you don’t have your phone available.






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