The premise of Brainly is to provide a social network where you bring answers for subjects that you are strong and get help in subjects that are weaker. So for example, I’m pretty good with History and English, so I could help someone struggling with those subjects by answering their questions. I’m not great with Math, so I could turn to the community to help my with my Math questions. 

what is question

In order to ask or answer a question, you’ll need to register for the site. They’ll present you with opportunities to do so if you attempt to do either action, or you can click the orange Join Us button. When you do you can either F-connect with Facebook or fill out the traditional registration form with a working e-mail address, nickname, create a password, and so forth. 


Once you’re logged in you can ask and answer questions to your heart’s delight. I really loved the featured questions on the main page, because they give you a good sample of what kinds of questions are being asked and how they are being answered on the site, and you can check them out before you decide to register. 

Go check it out for yourself today!