How to find your phone provider

This tip is brought to you by one of the sales associates in the electronics department of Walmart.

He was trying to help a customer with his phone, but having a hard time explaining himself to the older gentleman who really had no idea what carrier his phone plan came from. He knew he had one pre-paid phone and one that was on a plan through is daughter but he wasn’t sure which phone was which.

The poor kid (he was under thirty, they are all kids to me) was using terminology he was familiar with that flew right over the customer’s head. Being a natural-born busybody, I stepped in to see if I could assist. No, I don’t work there. I am just nosy.

Once the gentleman was taken care of, the young man sighed and said he wished someone would show people how to check for their carrier under the About section of their phone.

Well, I can do that. Here’s how to do it on an Android phone using my¬† Samsung Galaxy as an example. Start by tapping on Settings.


Scroll down to About Phone.


You’ll find lots of helpful info there like your phone model, your phone number, the serial number, and hardware version. But what we’re looking for is the Status. Tap on that.


Tap on SIM card status.


And there under Network, you’ll find your provider.


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