Windows 10 woes

A reader is finding herself a bit lost with Windows 10:

“I’m not a computer whiz, geek or even a savvy one, but the little bit I had learned seems to be in another language on Windows 10! I’m lost and it’s a shame that this version has to be so complicated! Re: updates I read install this, uninstall that from the last update…all without any help available in the software itself! Now I have to go online to find help? I can’t even do that anymore! No, I’m not a fan of this product and at 80 won’t live long enough to learn just the basics.”

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling so overwhelmed. I promise you that PC talk is still in the same language. The issue you may be experiencing is that there is just so much information these days.

As far as updates, for the most part, you don’t have to bother uninstalling something from the latest update unless you’re having a real problem.  I mean there are occasions when something goes wonky after an update, but that may be as simple a fix as waiting for the manufacturer of a printer or other device to issue their latest update or for Microsoft themselves to correct the issue, which they tend to do fairly quickly with automatic updates.  And really not much about Windows has changed from 7 to 10. Nearly all of your old favorites are still there. I think sometimes it’s more the tech world around Windows that has changed far more than Windows itself.

Windows 10 is actually far simpler to use than PCs were when they first came out. Now, I know some folks might fight me on that. It has the capability of doing some pretty complicated stuff, but you don’t have to mess with any of that unless you choose. to.

I’d love to hear from you about any specific issues you’re experiencing. I may be able to help.

One thought on “Windows 10 woes

  1. I’m 86 and have lived through many generations of mainframe and PC software. When it comes to Windows and its related applications, I’ve observed that the unstated guide for software design is to make difficult tasks easy. The effect of this it seems is to make the easy things difficult. Over the years,Microsoft has followed this roadmap, consciously or not. What I miss from Windows (and related programs) is some way to initially “Cut the Crap”.

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