Edge favorite bars not showing

A reader  is having an issue with Microsoft Edge:

“I always have to say; thanks for being there!!  It really is nice to have a place to go for questions.  Maybe some are more complex than that, simple.  Anyway, after doing some close looking I couldn’t find in edge any setting that would apply.  Below is my screenshot of faves bar.  I imported everything from Chrome (my default) So, whatever shows there appears in my Edge.  Those same faves aren’t appearing on my laptop.  I can’t figure out why or what settings to check there.  My husband is using the laptop while his computer is away being fixed. (warranty work)  Otherwise, I use the laptop for TV hookup with HDMI.  works good for us.  Some things work the same in browsers.  Example: click on the star and opens the option to save in favorites. Here is my desktop view.


On the laptop, none of those folders are showing.  Why on my main desktop?  Screen capture is from my desktop.  I love studying and trying to figure things out myself.  Usually, I think of questions that are never in owners’ manuals.  Haha, I would be one of those to drive the “answer people” crazy.

Added note; I don’t use Edge, but always prepared.  Sometimes there are issues with a browser not working on certain web sites.  In my case, all of a sudden to stream NBC program the video wouldn’t load in Chrome,  Yes I do all the good maintenance.  (clearing history and cache)  I was amazed to actually get a response from the NBC website people.  They said Chrome was known for that.  Strange!!  Almost overnight???  So I thought of trying Edge.  Presto.  No problem. at least for now. So that is what has drawn my attention to Edge. Lesson to the story.  It is good to be flexible !!”

My first question, are you signed into your Microsoft account on both computers when you used Edge? If you want to share things like imported favorites and settings across two devices. To sync Edge between devices, click the three-dot menu icon at the top right, then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Scroll down to Account and make sure you’re logged into your account and not your husbands.  Then make sure you have Sync your Microsoft Edge favorites, turned on.


If syncing isn’t the issue, here’s how you get your favorites to show. Click on the three-dot menu and choose Settings from the drop-down menu once again. Scroll down to Show the Favorites bar and make sure it’s turned on. If it’s already turned on and you don’t see your favorites, try clicking on Import to reimport them from Chrome.



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