A reader responded to my question about which browsers you like to use:

“You asked about browsers: I have been running Opera and Firefox, about half and half, for at least a couple years. My geek who helped me with out-of-box set up for my current computer recommended Opera for my 2nd browser. (As you know, everyone needs at least 2 browsers, in case one of them cr*ps out.) I like both of them. Both are clean and fast, with a lot of good features. One of the things I like about both of them is their distance from the “Biggies.” They aren’t trying to search everything I do for ad targeting. Obviously, the sites I visit are, but those aren’t coming from the browser. I guess I still have IE, for now, because it’s buried somewhere in Edge. I haven’t used it for years. Rarely, I use Edge. I do not have Chrome. I try to stay away from Google, although of course, it’s impossible.”

You are so right about always having a back-up browser. I like Opera a lot as well. Probably more than I like Firefox, though both are perfectly good browsers. I also appreciate the privacy offered by Firefox and Opera.

One thing to know, Internet Explorer isn’t buried anywhere in Edge. It’s actually still just there in Windows 10 as a separate program. Just type Internet Explorer in the search box and click on the results.


However, you’ll probably find that Internet Explorer doesn’t work well with some websites. While Microsoft is still providing security support, it’s not really doing anything to keep Internet Explorer updated with the latest technology.

Staying away from Google is tricky. Recently, I had to agree to let them keep an eye on my TV habits if I wanted to use any of the smart functions of my smart TV. Since I like all those handy apps and features, I agreed.

It really makes me happy to hear that readers are embracing the idea of using multiple browsers and trying lesser-known ones like Opera. There’s a lot of great stuff out there if you just look for it.