Use Explore to learn about G Suite

I’ve told you about Google’s free online G Suite office suite. These free apps are available to use in a browser or with a phone or tablet.

Anyone with a Gmail account already has access to them. And if you don’t, all you need is a free Gmail account. But, even if you’ve already tried them out, you still may have some questions about all the features they offer. There’s a really helpful tool called explore that can offer suggestions to make your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations better.

Open any document, spreadsheet, or presentation.  You’ll find the Explorer icon at the bottom right.


Click it and a side panel will open. For documents, you may see information about topics you wrote about and suggestions for images.


For spreadsheets, you’ll see formatting suggestions and helpful suggestions about how to display your data.


You can even type in a question about the data in the spreadsheet in plain English.


It’s a very handy feature to help you unlock all of the potential of using G Suite.

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