Cam Scanner delivered malware

Bad news about an app that I’ve recommended in the past.  CamScanner was a free app that allowed you to turn your phone into a photo and document scanner


While CamScanner was a popular and legitimate app for many years. (One that was downloaded over 100 million times.), it appears that the developers accidentally allowed a less-than-reputable company to serve up ads in the app and that company served up ads that contained malicious links.

That ad library turned up in nearly 300 apps in the Google Play Store, all of which were removed from the app store. CamScanner was removed from the Google Play Store to allow the developers to remove all of the malicious adware.  The app was updated and reinstated in the Google Play Store. If you have the old version, delete it and head to the Google Play Store to get the latest version.

The iOS version of the app was not affected.


3 thoughts on “Cam Scanner delivered malware

  1. My AVS told me 8 weeks ago it could deliver malware, so I got rid of it, although I have not used the app in 2 years

  2. Oh,no, I use this app frequently. It’s now uninstalled on my phone however, is there something I should do to make sure I don’t have malware? I have an Android Galaxy S7.

    I’m worried about reinstalling. Is there a way to be assured that app developers keep our device equipment safety in mind?

    Thanks as always for keeping us updated.

  3. The reviews on this version are not good. No longer free. Loaded with ads. After reading the reviews, I chose to not install the revised version of the app. Please find us a better one!

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