Can AI improve Windows updates

It’s no secret than Windows updates can sometimes make your system go wonky.  Most of the times, you’re dealing with minor annoyances. Sometimes, however, these important security and feature updates break things.


And it’s not like you have a choice these days.  Windows updates are mandatory, the most you can do is postpone some of them for a little bit.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft data scientists described how the company is using Artificial Intelligence, also known as Machine Learning, to make the update process smoother for consumers.

The company allows the artificial intelligence to determine which PCs are ready to have upgrades pushed to them.

PCs selected by AI had half the number of crashes and five times fewer issues with drivers.

Microsoft gathers the data about issues from people who are part of the Windows Insider program and those who are part of the fast ring of Windows updates. Their computers use that data to speculate which PCs will see issues with the updates and allows the company to tweak those updates for particular setups and systems.

Of course, this doesn’t eliminate update problems entirely. Unlike Apple, where the company builds all of the machines that use their operating system, Windows runs on a variety of types of machines with different configurations and hardware and a much wider variety of peripherals.

Microsoft thinks AI is helping. What do you think? Have your Windows updates been smoother recently?

If you’d like to learn more about the process Microsoft is using, you can click here to read the post.   I will warn you it is heavy with techno-babble.


One thought on “Can AI improve Windows updates

  1. Yeah, because I have “Pro,” so I have set the longest delays possible on the updates. That way, MS has time to patch the problems and patch the patches and patch the patches for the patches before I get hit with them!!!

    I read a bit of tech news here and there, and I don’t think the experiences being reported of stuff gone awry and run amok indicate much or any improvement. There’s always a fix awaiting roll-out for some mess or another.

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