200 million hacked – were you affected?

Over 200 million users who play Words With Friends or Drawful may have had their private information accessed by hackers. All players who installed the game apps or signed up to play the games online prior to September 3 of this year are potential victims of this breach.

The compromised data includes email addresses, player IDs, names, passwords, phone numbers, Facebook IDs, and Zynga account IDs.

Zynga is still in the process of investigating, but they say it doesn’t appear any financial information was accessed. The company has hired third-party cybersecurity experts from outside their firm to continue the investigation.

Users would be wise to change the account passwords for these games and keep a close eye on their credit card statements just in case it turns out any financial information was accessed.  We’ll keep you up-to-date if there’s any new information.

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