This attempt at a phishing scam turned up in my text messages the other night.


It uses a classic phishing technique which is frequently used in email messages. This time, it arrived in the form of a text stating that there had been an attempt to rebill by Netflix account but it had failed.


If you aren’t among the millions with a Netflix account, you’d probably know right away that it was a scam. But if you are a Netflix subscriber, there’s a chance you might worry for a minute that something had gone wrong with your billing and you were about to lose all of your favorite programming. Or maybe get scared that your credit card has been compromised.

Of course, this link, won’t take you to your Netflix account, but to a scam site that hopes to trick you into inputting your credit card information. The site will most likely attempt to load malware onto your device to steal even more information.

Remember, always take a minute and take a breath when you get a notice like this. If you think it’s the real thing, go to your account. But not by clicking on that link. Open up a browser and go to that site and log in yourself. Or make a call if you have the phone number. (Not to a phone number that comes in the message. Look the phone number up on your own.)

Crooks count on a fear response blanking out your good sense. Don’t play into it. Stay safe out there folks.