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I recently heard from a reader who was frustrated at the lack of an address book to add contacts to in Gmail. The good news is that Gmail does have its own address book to which you can add contacts.

Let’s learn how to use it. Open your Gmail inbox and look to the upper-right.


Click on the square of dots.


A menu will open showing the various apps connected with your Google account. Click on Contacts.


Your Contacts will open. Gmail will have already included people that you are in communication with frequently in your Frequently contacted list.  To create a new contact, just click the + button next to Create contact.


Fill in the information and hit Save.


To create labels (folders) for your contacts, just choose Create label.


Name the label and click Save.


You can then drag and drop any contact into the folder.


Or select a contact and choose the label icon at the top of your list to select a label from a menu.


The label option is also there when you add a new contact.


Select any contact in your list and you’ll get the little blue selection box at the top. You can also click the drop-down arrow next to it.


You’ll see an option to select all or none of your contacts.


Once a contact or multiple contacts is selected, you can click the envelope icon to send an email message.


Click the three-dot menu icon for options to print, export, or delete contacts.


You don’t need to open the contacts app to use your contacts. When typing an email, Gmail will automatically suggest contacts and labels when you start typing an address. So you can send to one person, multiple individuals, or everyone you have under a label such as Book Club or Family.


You can also add a sender to your contacts by hovering over their name and choosing Add to Contacts.



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