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Yesterday, I showed you a great place to find free apps for your Windows PC. (Click here to read that article.)

Today, I’ll show you a similar service that’s just for your Mac.  This site offers a wide variety of free Mac apps. You can choose to download one or several.  Let’s take a look at what they offer.  Start by clicking this link to head over MacApps:

The site is pretty basic and they explain everything fairly simply right at the top of the page.


Scroll down to take a look at what they have to offer. You’ll see browsers like Chrome and Firefox.


If you aren’t sure what a program is, click the ‘i’ at the upper right of its icon.


A pop-up will give you more information about the program.


You’ll also find open-source office suites.


Messaging and multi-media apps like the amazing VLC player and free eBook reader Calibre.


To pick the software to install, just click on it. Once selected, it will have a light green highlight.


Once you’ve selected your app or apps, click the Install button at the top of the page.


Now, here’s where this program is a little more complicated than Ninite. This window will pop up. You’ll need to copy the link it displays.


Then you’ll need to open the Terminal app. Open the Finder and search for Terminal in apps. Click on the result.


The Terminal app will open.


Click in the app and paste your copied link. Then press enter.


Your apps will begin to install.


You can find your new app or apps using Finder.








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