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A reader is looking for a way to change the highlight color in Windows:

“The reason for my question is that when I look at various items presented throughout the web, most of the highlighted text is in blue; for example, the from in my email is in blue, the to is blue, and all of the subject matter that hi light a photo are in blue. Can you please advise this old gent and is slightly younger wife how to change this blue color to black.  Please be advised that you are not chatting with the “sharpest tack in the box here” when it comes to computers.

This isn’t super-simple, but if you follow the instructions, you should be able to manage it. Start by deciding what color you’d like the highlight to be.  Go to this page to pick the color and to find the numerical color value for it:

We’ll need that number when we change the highlight color. Drag the slider bar on the RGB color picker to select a color and then click on the dot inside the big square and drag it around to fine-tune that color.  Look at the RGB numbers, they stand for the amount of Red, Green, and Blue that is used to create the color. Make note of those three colors in the RGB order.  In this case, yellow would be 250, 245, 96.


Next, press your windows key + R or type “registry edit” into the search box and click on the result. You’ll have to grant permission for the app to open. The Registry Editor app will open.


Click the arrow next to HKEY _ CURRENT _ USER.


Select Control Panel and then Colors.


In the right pane, look for Hilight text.


Right-click and select Modify.


Make note of what the current colors are in case you want to reset it.  Then enter your red, green, and blue value from earlier and choose OK. You’ll want to repeat this step with Hilight and Hot TrackingColor.


Then restart the computer.



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  1. Many thanks for your help here. You have probably heard this a hundred times but here is 101, “Thank you for all you do for us and for being there to answer questions” Cheers from Alexandria Va., Don and Lacy Kula

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