Use Microsoft Edge spell check

We’ve been exploring the automatic spell check options in popular browsers this week. It was all prompted by a reader looking for spell check in Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail doesn’t have a built-in spell check, but you can turn on the spell check for your browser. Here’s how to do it in Microsoft Edge.

Unlike other browsers, you don’t turn spell check on in the browser’s settings options, you do it in your Windows settings.

Click the Start Button at the far-left of your PC and then choose the Settings gear icon from the Start Menu.


When the Settings menu opens, choose Devices.


Then select Typing.


Under Typing, you have the option to turn on Autocorrect and to have misspelled words highlighted. Slide one or both to the On position.


Here’s what a Yahoo email looks like with misspelled words highlighted.


Right-click on the misspelled word and you’ll see suggestions for the correct word. Just click on it to change.






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