Safari spell check

Did you know the Safari browser (most often used on Macs) has a built-in spell-check function?  We’ve been exploring the built-in spell-check options for browsers this week.  I was prompted by a reader lamenting the lack of spell-check in Yahoo Mail.

Safari’s built-in ability to check spelling and grammar can help correct spelling and grammar in emails, documents, and other posts composed using the browser.

Let’s look at how to access it. Open Safari and click edit from the menu at the top of the page.


From the drop-down menu, choose Spelling andGrammar.


You have multiple options. You can choose to have it automatically check spelling or grammar and spelling while you type. Or choose to have the spelling corrected automatically.  Or if you prefer to initiate it yourself. Just open and choose Check Document Now.


Here’s a Yahoo email message with Check Spelling While Typing turned on. Notice the red dots underlining the misspellings.


Let’s see what happens when you choose Show Spelling and Grammar.


This window will open. You’ll be able to fix errors, add words to the dictionary, and get help understanding what the issue is. Of all the browsers, Safari probably has the best and most helpful spell checker.






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