Will there be a Windows 11?

For nearly twenty years, Microsoft has released a new version of Windows about every two to three years.

Windows 10 was released four years ago. So when can you expect Windows 11?  In all likelihood, never.  Microsoft seems to have switched to the same model that Apple follows, offering free OS updates on a regular basis to existing devices.

Microsoft makes the effort to do big windows updates twice a year, in the fall and spring.  There’s another Windows 10 update on the way, the eighth one for Windows 10.  If Microsoft were using the old method of releasing Operating systems, we’d likely be on Windows 12 or 13 by now and users would have needed to spend quite a bit of money if they wanted to stay up with the latest release.

It hasn’t always gone smoothly, last year’s fall update was such a mess that most people didn’t get it until February or March and it was followed pretty quickly by a major spring update.

The good news is that the November 2019 update is expected to be a smaller one. It shouldn’t take too long to install and you probably won’t notice many changes to your PC. For this update, most of the changes will be with the inner workings of programs and not necessarily what you see on your Start Menu or Desktop.

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