Pluto TV won’t stop playing

A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about Pluto TV. This free app is found on many smart TVs but you can also use it with your PC and Mac, as well as download the app for your phone or tablet. Click here to read that article. 

A reader has some additional questions.

“I did some exploring and downloaded the Pluto app for viewing on my desktop.  It went OK.  I have a shortcut placed in my taskbar.  I X ‘d out on the page. but the voice still continued.  So that is a problem.  I opened it up again and just turned off the speaker icon.  I’m not understanding it at all in how to navigate.  There is no link for help. 


I’ve checked around comparing the PC app for PlutoTV to using it in a browser on your PC and I think there’s something wonky with the app. When you shut down Pluto TV while viewing on a browser or with the Android app, it closes with no issue. When I shut it down using the Windows 10 app on my PC, the sound keeps playing. I’d suggest just bookmarking on the browser of your choice. Maybe at some point, they’ll get around to tweaking the Window app. The viewing experience is the same, so just stick with the browser and go full screen.



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