I recently explained why it’s very unlikely that there will be a Windows 11.  Expect Windows to just keep updating the Windows 10 OS at no charge, much in the way that Apple updates Mac OS.  But a recent announcement by Microsoft prompted a reader question:

“You spoke about will there be a windows 11. No. But look at what there will be: Windows 10X.”

There will be a new form of Windows but you won’t be able to update your laptop or desktop to it.  Windows 10 X is a new operating system specially designed to work with new dual-screen Windows devices like the upcoming Surface Neo.  It’s scheduled to launch in the fall of 2020. Other manufacturers also have plans to introduce dual-screened devices in 2020.  This is not to be confused with a PC using dual monitors.  These new devices have two working touch screens.


Expect this OS to be touch-friendly and skip the traditional desktop look. It’s another try at a touch and mobile-friendly OS much like the ill-fated Windows RT. But hopefully, Microsoft has learned its lesson from that debacle and will offer a full-powered user-friendly product.  Remember, this product is still in the development stage and is intended to run on an entirely new class of PCs.

That doesn’t mean that some features of Windows 10X might not get incorporated into Windows 10 for traditional PCs.  But this OS won’t be an upgrade available for current PCs running Windows 10, it’s intended exclusively for these new dual-screen devices.

But it will be very interesting to see what happens.  I’m especially interested in the Surface Duo which will run both Windows 10X and Android and also allow you to make calls.