Windows 10 Compatibility Mode

A reader wants to know if Windows 10 offers anything similar to compatibility mode in Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

“Has Windows 10 come up with anything like Compatibility? I have a game I used to play on XP using compatibility mode.”

Windows 10 does offer a compatibility troubleshooter that can help you run some older programs. Start by opening File Explorer and choosing Programs.  Select your hard drive (in this case C:) and then double-click on Program Files.


Find the program you want to run. Make sure it’s the actual program file. So look under Type for Application.


Right-click on the program and choose Troubleshoot compatibility form the menu that pops up.


The Troubleshooter will look for problems.


You can choose to test run the program with suggested compatibility settings or to troubleshoot the program and explain in more detail what your issues are.


Answer questions based on what you’re experiencing.


For example, if a program worked in Windows 7 but doesn’t work in Windows 10.


You’ll be offered the option to test-run a program with changes to the settings.


If these changes don’t help, you could also use an emulator program that allows you to run your program in a virtual environment that duplicates a previous operating system like Windows 7 or XP.  Learn more by checking out Virtual Box by clicking here.


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  1. Cyn, I’m going to try compatibility mode (Windows 10) for my uncooperative ext hd problem. It’s just possible I’d moved the files to it with my previous pc, maybe not even Windows 10. If it works I’ll let you know, Trish

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