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A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about Pluto TV. This free app is found on many smart TVs but you can also use it with your PC and Mac, as well as download the app for your phone or tablet. Click here to read that article. 

This week I’m answering reader questions about how to use the service:

It says you can set up your favorite channels.  Then you can’t see the schedule for the rest of the day for the particular channel I was interested in.  Since it is live,  a person would need to know that!  On-demand choices are obvious, you pick what you want and it starts, although I wouldn’t really use those choices that much.”

If you’d like to set up your favorite channels, you’ll need to use the app on a phone or tablet. The web interface doesn’t give you that kind of control, unfortunately.

Sign in with your email address or use your Google ID.


Open the app and tap on My Pluto at the bottom right.


Select Edit channels.


The list of channels will pop up.


Scroll down to view channels or tap on Jump To Category to see whole groups of categories.  If there’s a particular category you want to avoid entirely or one you want to bring to the top, this is a good shortcut.


Then, just pick a channel. If you wish to not see it displayed on your grid, tap the eye icon next to it. That channel will be hidden from your grid on all devices you’re logged into under your account. Hide a channel here and it won’t be displayed on the channel grid on your smart TV, PC browser, phone, or tablet.


If you love a channel, tap the heart to move it to the top of your grid.


If you’re looking for a Pluto TV live TV schedule beyond what’s displayed in the grid, you’re out of luck. For reasons I don’t understand, they choose not to offer one on any platform.  My guess is that they’re doing this on the cheap. I know from experience in working in TV that updating schedules require some effort. Effort they apparently aren’t willing to put into their free service. The On-Demand is your best bet for finding things when you want them.

6 thoughts on “Set up favorite Pluto TV channels

  1. It would be wonderful if your directions for USING favorites channel was correct. Sadly, it is not. I have what’s on my Pluto and it comes up with a page saying welcome to Pluto TV and then in a list it says account update email change password logout help and support which by the way is useless contact support also useless privacy policy terms of use. It never comes up to a page where it says control your Pluto TV. activate edit, channels, remote, settings

  2. There is no “My Pluto” icon in the lower right on the Android app… only “Live TV” and “On Demand”

  3. I agree with the other comments. there’s no way to edit desktop app on Chrome! Very frustrating after reading this article skla may shun point

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