Google will stop searching for Flash

I’ve told you before that Adobe is ending support for Flash Player in on December 31, 2020.

Flash Player is a popular web platform that is used for viewing multimedia on websites. Many popular games like Farmville require Flash Player to run. But there have been long-standing security concerns associated with Flash and newer Internet content has moved to platforms like HTML5.

By default Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers have begun disabling Flash Player, though you can choose to turn it on to access certain websites and content.

To encourage people to stop using Flash content or visiting websites that use Flash, Google search is going to stop returning results that include sites that feature Flash content starting at the end of this year. They will also stop showing stand-alone Shockwave Flash files as results.

This will make it far more difficult to find Flash files, though it’s probably best for you if you don’t.

So what happens to your favorite Flash Games and content?  the developers behind the game can choose to rebuild the game using a different platform. But that’s a lot of work, it’s not a matter of simply pressing a button and converting it. You have to reprogram the entire game from scratch. For many older games, that’s just not financially feasible.

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