Teach Echo to recognize your voice

If you have an Amazon Echo speaker and there’s more than one person in your house that uses it, you may want to teach the Alexa digital assistant to recognize your voice. Since my husband and I both have Amazon accounts with different books, different musical playlists and different preferences, we used to have to tell Alexa to switch profiles.


But once we allowed the speaker to recognize our voice, it automatically selected my music, books, or preferences for newscasts by the person who was speaking.

Personalizing your voice is easy. Just say “Alexa, learn my voice” and follow the instructions. The instructions are super-simple. In my case, Alexa confirmed that I was Cyn and we were all set.

Now when I say “resume my podcast” or “play my favorites,” I don’t have to worry about switching profiles to make sure I get good music instead of my husband’s questionable taste (Just kidding. I think.)

The voice profile also works with calling and messaging and makes sure that you only play messages that were sent to you and that only you can send messages on your account.

If you have voice-shopping passcode protected, you won’t need to enter the passcode to make purchases.

    So, if you have an Echo, give it a try.


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