Add an avatar to Google Messages

A reader is having an issue setting an avatar in Google Messages.

“I would love to know how to put my avatar in Google Messages. I have all my contacts avatars but when I try to find a place to put mine, I can’t find anywhere. I have my picture in Google. I’m just stumped. Do I need to use a different text app?”

I found this a little confusing myself. The trick is that you actually have to set a separate photo for your messages. When you say Google Messages, I will assume you mean Google Hangouts and not the SMS texting app on your phone.

Start by opening Gmail in a browser and clicking on the square of dots at the top right.


From the apps menu, click on More.


Then select Hangouts.


At the top right of the app, click on the camera icon on your profile icon.


Then upload a photo from your computer or choose from photos stored in Google’s photos app.


Click on Select a photo and choose from your files or drag and drop the photo.


Then crop or rotate the image as needed.


Click Set as profile photo when you are finished.


Your new profile pic an avatar will be displayed.


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