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We’ve been learning all about Instagram this week. Today, we’ll get to the most important part – how to post your photos from your phone.

You can either post an image you already have on your phone or take a picture or video using the Instagram app.

Let’s start by opening the app on your phone. To add a photo, click the + sign at the bottom of your app.

instagram-plus button.jpg

It will default to Gallery where you can choose photos already on your camera roll or saved on your phone. Tap a photo to select.


If you want to add multiple photos, tap the icon multiple photo icon. There are also icons to use two other apps associated with Instagram, the Boomerang app and the Layout app. We’ll talk about those apps some other time.


If you choose to use multiple photos, just tap on them in the order you’d like them to display to select. Tap again to de-select.


You can also tap on the Photo next to Gallery to take a picture within the app. Tap the circle button to take the photo.


By default, Instagram photos are square.


But you can also pinch and zoom on the image to show a wider image.


Then tap on Next.


Then you’ll see options to add filters to photos or edit them. If you’re happy with the photo, just go ahead and tap on Next. 


Filters allow you to apply different looks to the images. You can try out what the image will look like by swiping right through the filters and tapping on them for a preview.


Tap Edit for options like adjusting brightness and contrast. Tap Next after you’re satisfied with the adjustments.


Now you can write a caption for your image.

type in caption.jpg

You can tag people that you’re connected to Instagram by tapping on Tag People. Tap on the person in the photo.


Start typing the name of the person and then tap on them when they show up in the list.


Their names will appear in the image. When you tag someone, they’ll be alerted that they’ve been tagged in a photo.


If you want to, you can also include a location. You can either pick a suggested location or search for one by typing it in.


You’ll also find the option to share to other social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You’ll need to enter your username and password to share to the social service.


When you’re finished, hit Share.

then hit-share.jpg

Your image is posted.


You can also take short videos.  Just tap on the Video tab.


Press and hold the circle to take the video.  A timer will show how long the video is. Your maximum time is 1 minute.


Hit Next and you’ll have filter options.


Tap on the Cover tab and you can select the frame of video that will display in your feed. Then hit Next.


Then type your caption and tag people or places just as with a photo and then hit Share.







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