Cook Together is a channel on a programming service called eko which offers interactive how-to videos that are a bit like a choose your own adventure game. This service is sponsored by Walmart and its logo is prominent, but I didn’t find it any more intrusive that standard product placement on most cooking shows.

You start by going to this link: 

Then scroll left or right to choose between three chefs and about a dozen recipes.


For this tip, I’ll click on the Customize Your Own Ramen Bowl interactive recipe.


The first choice is to learn more about ramen or to just start cooking. Since I’m fairly familiar with ramen, I’ll start cooking.


The next option is to choose the number or serving – between 1 and 10.  This is a very handy feature. No cutting down or doubling recipes.


The next option is to choose a protein of either pork, tofu, or chicken.  Then pick either chicken or vegetable broth. There’s also a choice between soba and udon noodles or to go with spiral sliced zucchini (also known as zoodles).


If you like, you can choose to see a printable copy of the recipe before you start watching the cooking demo video.


The chef then gives a step by step demonstration of how to cook which you can follow at your own pace. You can click at the top of the screen for more info or click next when you’re all caught up.


What I liked best is that these demos work no matter what your skill level is. Beginners can take the time to follow the steps like watching a full demonstration of how to mince garlic. More experienced cooks can move through at their own pace.

Give it a try and let me know what you think: