I’ve got another great, free option for watching movies and TV shows without cable, satellite, or a paid streaming services.

You may be familiar with IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) as a place to go to look up information about movies, shows, and the actors that appear in them. But IMDB also offers IMDB TV, an on-demand streaming service with a nice variety of choices.

The programs do have commercials, but not a lot of them. I found some favorite programs of mine, like Columbo.  All you need to use it is a high-speed internet connection.  You can use a browser on a computer, download the IMDB app for your phone or tablet, or watch using Amazon Fire TV.

If you’re using a browser, follow this link:

If you’re using the IMDB app, open and tap on the IMDB TV tab.


If you don’t already have a free IMDB account, you’ll need to create one by providing your email address and creating a password. You may also sign in with Amazon, Facebook, or Google.


Here’s what the IMDB homepage looks like in a browser.


Scroll down to check out the categories. if you see a title you like, hover over it to learn more. Click or tap on it if you want to open.



If your selected program has multiple episodes, you can navigate by clicking the arrows at the right and left.



If there are multiple seasons, just click the drop-down box to select the one you want to view.


Click on the play button icon on an episode to view. This player will pop up.


You’ll see the standard stop and play buttons in the center of the screen and buttons that let you go forward or back 10 seconds. You don’t see any video here because IMDB won’t let you screengrab images of the shows in an effort to prevent piracy.


Controls for adding subtitles, sound, and going full-screen are at the top right corner of the player.


To the left, you’ll also have access to Amazon X-ray information about the program you’re watching.

x-ray info.jpg

You’ll see a wide selection of comedies, dramas, family fare, and TV. Plus there are even some IMDB TV original programs. Nowhere near the number of original shows you see on services like Netflix or Hulu, but still some interesting options. Check it out and let me know what you thin.

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