Real boundaries of metro areas

This incredible map reminds me of my collection of tie-dyed t-shirts, but it’s actually a map that offers a look at the ‘real’ boundaries of regions in the United State.


Using data from commuters instead of county and state lines, this map depicts the U.S. as a group of regions, many of them centered on a larger city.

For example, it breaks my home state of Ohio up into three regions. According to the map, Where I currently live is an area comprised of Toledo, the upper Northwest corner of Ohio, and all of Michigan and is called the Detroit-Toledo region. The Northeast corner of my state is centered on Cleveland. All the rest of Ohio, part of Northern Kentucky, and nearly all of West Virginia are considered to be the Cincinnati/Columbus area.


This site explains how they came to their decisions but also tackles some of the issues with trying to divide up the country based on data alone. Check it out and let me know if you think they got your area right.

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