Kindle Quotes for your iPhone

If you have the Kindle app installed on your iPhone, you can easily share your favorite quotes from the books you’re reading.

As of now, this only works if you’re using an iPhone. As an Android user and an author who wouldn’t mind sharing her own quotes, I’m kind of heartbroken this won’t work from my Kindle or Galaxy phone. But I’ll show you iPhone users how to do it, anyway.

Maybe you can be super-nice and share some quotes from my books.  Start by opening up a book on your Kindle app.


When you find a quote you’d like to share, press down on that bit of text and drag your finger over it to highlight. A menu will pop out. Tap the Share icon.


This screen will open.


Choose to share your quote as plain text or to put it over a background image.


If you choose Image Quote, you can select a background from a menu at the bottom of the screen.


Tap the Share button and choose how you want to share. You can pick from email, messages, or social media services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


You can then write a note or a caption for your post or message. Many people are using the hashtag #kindlequotes.




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