Foldable phones seem to be the next big tech trend. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone is the size of an ordinary smartphone when folded in your pocket. When open it up, you have screen space comparable to a tablet.


You can choose to use it folded.


Or open it up for more space. You can even use up to three apps at the same time on the screen.


However, the phone has had a lot of issues breaking along the fold line. Samsung has even issued special care instructions advising users to be very careful with the $2,000 phone.

Motorola’s upcoming Razr phone goe sin the other direction. It offers a standard-size smartphone that folds in half to fit easily in your pocket and offers a small second screen.


Users can text and access email.


And use the camera without opening the phone.


The Razr is expected to arrive in stores in January 2020 and will cost $1500.

Microsoft will also have a foldable device that runs both Android and Windows.They go out of their way to not call the Surface Duo, expected to arrive at the end of 2020, a phone. No word on price for the Surface Duo yet.

surface duo.jpg