Where are my followers?

A reader is a little confused by the Twitter layout:

“I have been a Twitterer since it began (almost), and now I can’t find the list of my followers, or the ones I follow. I want to make some changes, but I’ve clicked on everything….and nothing.”

Honestly, I feel you here. While it’s not difficult to send out a Tweet, I sometimes have difficulty navigating it was well.  Let’s check it out both with a browser and the Android app.


To the left, click on Profile.


You’ll pop up in the center feed with the number of accounts you’re following and the number of users following you displayed beneath your name.


Click on either number to see a list of users.


To unfollow someone, just click the big blue button.


Here’s how to find that information on the Android app. Open the Twitter app and tap your profile icon at the top left.


A panel will pop out. Just below your Twitter handle, you’ll see Following and Followers with numbers beside them. Tap on either to see a list of users.


To Unfollow someone, just tap the big, blue button.


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