Top cybersecurity threats of 2020: part 3

We’re counting down the top cybersecurity threats of the coming year.  So far we’ve tackled ransomware and cryptojacking.

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DDoS-attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) are expected remain one of the biggest threats in 2020. Hackers attack servers overloading them with tons of traffic making them inaccessible to legitimate requests. DDoS attacks are not necessarily sophisticated, but they can easily ruin a company’s reputation as well as its financial stability.

Earlier this spring, there were attacks against the system that regulates the power grid for Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.  The Ubisoft video game company was the target over the summer.

Why do hackers use DDoS? Some of them do it just for entertainment, some criminals pursue political or commercial agenda. For example, they can influence elections or hamper the growth of a competitor’s company. DDoS is also a perfect shielding for other crimes. While webmasters are busy with fixing the bug, criminals could be accessing valuable files on the server.

Tomorrow, we move on to part 4.

~ Dean Chester

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