A reader is getting bothered by pop-up ads:

“How do I turn off the Flipp ads that continue to interfere when I am reading online news. I click the x and within 3 seconds, it pops back up again. I had Ad Blocker at one time, but it seemed to cause so many issues with various sites and I uninstalled it. I am on Windows 10 desktop PC.”

Flipp ads are a plug-in that allows sites to embed local circulars from your area into the websites.


They typically don’t pop up on their own, though. Usually, you’ll see Hover for Circular just beneath the ad.


Be very careful about moving your cursor over the ads. If you do, they’ll start to load and eventually go full screen. It takes a few seconds to load. From my count about four seconds with the cursor resting over the ad.


So, if you do accidentally move your cursor over the ad, move it away as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to try pop-up blockers, you could look for an alternative news source without Flipp ads embedded in the page. But if you really want to use the site your on, be careful about where you park that mouse pointer.